Saturday, October 16, 2010

Late and Out of Date

Sorry, I've fallen behind at detailing the what's on listings - I've been out of Paris touring and performing the last 6 months or so - I'll be back later in October, 2010 with a wider listing of what's on in Paris. Meanwhile check out my listings of venues with their web links

Monday, July 06, 2009

Musique et Jardins

Link to map of venues (click on 'Info Pratiques)

Saturday 11th July
Square Rene Binet
15h 30
Tomast (nigerian blues and touareg rock)

Jardin du Musee de Montmartre
Elise Dabrowski solo

Arenes Montmartre
Renata Rosa
chanson Brazil

Sunday 12th July
Cour de l'institut des cultures d'Islam
Houria Aicha
chants de laures

Square Charles Hermite
Fantazio + |Benjamin Colin
ovnis sonores

Square Eli Lotar a Aubervilliers
Closing Ball with
Haitian music
Damily Family
from Madagascar

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Parc Floral Jazz Festival in Paris


Samedi 4 juillet
15h Médéric COLLIGNON, Jus de Bocse Quartet
16h30 VIENNA ART ORCHESTRA « Third dream »

Dimanche 5 juillet
16h30 Jean-Christophe CHOLET, DIAGONAL « French touch »

Week-end 6 GYPSY LAND

Samedi 11 juillet
15h Costel NITESCU quintet
16h30 Bojan Z, EXPATRIOTS

Dimanche 12 juillet
15h Bireli LAGRENE Gypsy trio
16h30 Kocani ORKESTAR


Samedi 18 juillet
15h Vincent COURTOIS « What do you mean by silence »
16h30 Le GROS CUBE d’Alban DARCHE « Polar Mood & Queen »

Dimanche 19 juillet
15h Emile PARISIEN Quartet
16h30 Jean-Marie MACHADO, DANZAS « Fiesta nocturna »


Samedi 25 juillet
15h Jean-Philippe VIRET trio
16h30 Richard GALLIANO « Love day »
avec Gonzalo RUBALCABA, Richard BONA et Clarence PENN

Dimanche 26 juillet
13h30 Phil REPTIL solo (dans la clairière des impros)
15h BUMCELLO invite Nathalie NATIEMBÉ « NatiemBum »
16h30 Erik TRUFFAZ quartet invite CHRISTOPHE

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dynamo Banlieu Blues Big Band

Here's a trip out to Pantin (just beyond the walls of Paris) for an improvising big band that's part of the Banlieu Bleus festival - the Supernatural Orchestra - (click here to check them out)

and here's a map to the wonderful new performance space that is the Dynamo.

I'll let their sound speak for itself - quirky, fun, pulling in influences from all over the place.

closest metro 'Pantin' - a 20 minute ride from the centre of town.

Cléa Torales et Sylvaine Hélary flûte,
Adrien Amey et Robin Fincker saxophones, Jeannot Salvatori saxophone alto, Baptiste Bouquin saxophones, clarinette, Nicolas Stephan saxophone ténor, Fabrice Theuillon saxophone barython,
Antonin Leymarie et Jean-Pascal Molina batterie,
Jérôme Ballero soubassophone, Yann Lefrant tuba basse,
Judith Wekstein trombone basse, François Roche-Juarez trombone, Hanno Baumfelder trombone
Julien Rousseau, Antoine Berjeaut et Gaspard Manesse trompette,
Boris Boublil claviers,
Damien Christea lumière

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Le Voix Est Libre - our pick for live jazz in Paris for May

(click on the image for a larger version)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Another Beautiful Sunset

Just a quick rundown of what's coming up at Sunset, the downstairs portion of this great little jazz club - for address listings click over to our 'listings' page

Lundi 06/04/09 à 20h00 Lucy DIXON

Mardi 07/04/09 à 20h00 Giovanni MIRABASSI

Mardi 07/04/09 à 22h00 Michael CHERET Quartet
Tribute to Mingus and Dolphy, invite Alexandra Grimal

Jeudi 09/04/09 à 22h00 Demi EVANS Quintet
CD Launch “My america”

Vendredi 10/04/09 à 20h00 A SAVARYA

Vendredi 10/04/09 à 22h00 Demi EVANS Quintet
CD Launch “My america”

Samedi 11/04/09 à 22h00 Demi EVANS Quintet
CD Launch “My america”

Dimanche 12/04/09 à 20h30 Samy THIEBAULT Quintet “hommage Miles DAVIS” + Jam Session

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Our feature this week will be the slightly upmarket venue of the Jazz Club Méridien Etoile "Lionel Hampton" Club. Its a bit pricey, but not too bad for Paris standards (26 euros)

here's their upcoming lineup

from Monday the 12th to Sunday the 31st

12th to 14th the Paris Swing Orchestra with André Villéger "Hommage à Sidney Bechet"
15th to 17th The Supremes Girls
19th the Mizikopéi Big Band of Tony Chasseur
20th to 24th Let’s Groove
26th Pink Turtle
27th to 31st The Healers et Thomas Buck-Nasty

Club Lionel Hampton - Hôtel Le Méridien Etoile - 01 40 68 30 42
81 Bd Gouvion St Cyr (M° Pte Maillot)