Friday, May 15, 2009

Dynamo Banlieu Blues Big Band

Here's a trip out to Pantin (just beyond the walls of Paris) for an improvising big band that's part of the Banlieu Bleus festival - the Supernatural Orchestra - (click here to check them out)

and here's a map to the wonderful new performance space that is the Dynamo.

I'll let their sound speak for itself - quirky, fun, pulling in influences from all over the place.

closest metro 'Pantin' - a 20 minute ride from the centre of town.

Cléa Torales et Sylvaine Hélary flûte,
Adrien Amey et Robin Fincker saxophones, Jeannot Salvatori saxophone alto, Baptiste Bouquin saxophones, clarinette, Nicolas Stephan saxophone ténor, Fabrice Theuillon saxophone barython,
Antonin Leymarie et Jean-Pascal Molina batterie,
Jérôme Ballero soubassophone, Yann Lefrant tuba basse,
Judith Wekstein trombone basse, François Roche-Juarez trombone, Hanno Baumfelder trombone
Julien Rousseau, Antoine Berjeaut et Gaspard Manesse trompette,
Boris Boublil claviers,
Damien Christea lumière

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